Do not discriminate against yourself

There are now comprehensive laws governing discrimination on the basis of Race/ethnic origin, Religion, Sexuality, Sex (including transgender), disability, age and personnel issues (such as if you have caring responsibilities).

As part of our service we will never discriminate, and expect the same level of uncompromising adherence to the law from our clients. However if media reports are to be trusted, then there are some employers or people within companies who are not so compliant.

It is therefore important that during the CV stage you ensure that you do not disclose too much information: Avoid submitting anything personal on your CV – for example whether you are married, date of birth, nationality etc.

Clearly if applying directly for a job you will need to give your name, which will in all likelihood reveal some information about you. If you are at all concerned about how your CV will be received, ensure that it is presented by a recruitment consultancy. Recruitment companies can make sure that it is anonymous and given equal treatment.

During interview stage you should be treated with respect. No line of questioning should focus on any area of your personal life, questions should focus purely on your ability to do the job.

If after the recruitment process you feel that you have been unfairly treated, speak to your recruitment consultant who will be able to liaise with the client.