How we do it – Employer Info

An Active Connection consultant will aim to visit or fully research your site in order to clearly understand your operation, recruitment needs, the working environment and the key skills required for successful appointment.

Strategy Formulation
Based on our expert knowledge of the industry, we recommend a strategy to identify a number of quality candidates cost effectively and within the shortest possible time scale.

Agreement of Specification
We will agree a job description for the position to be filed, based on our discussion with you.

Handling Replies
The Active Connection will handle all replies and correspondence to any advertising. We will follow up on all potential applicants, answer all questions and confirm to our best abilities their qualifications and skills

Candidate Evaluation
Prior to a C.V being sent out to a client our consultants will have interviewed the candidate to ascertain his/her suitability, paying particular attention to the personality and culture fit within the company. Interviews last approximately one hour, held either at our offices or at a mutually convenient location.

Shortlist Preparation
When we are satisfied that we have identified a candidate who meets your specification, we deliver a full CV, which has been re-typed to an easily readable format

Client Interviews
We make arrangements for our clients to interview candidates, confirming these arrangements to both parties. Our clients can use our offices for interviews if desired. After each stage of the process, we contact clients and candidates for a thorough debriefing

The Offer
We advise how the offer should be structured and we play a critical role in assisting with negotiations.