Salary Survey

Active Connection is able to offer clients in the spa and beauty industry up to date knowledge of salaries commissions and benefits that are currently being paid within the UK and in the overseas marketplace.

The survey contains the following information

Base salaries on a comprehensive range of roles within the industry

You can request a survey for either:

  • North of England (including Scotland)
  • South of England excluding London
  • Greater London area (within the M25)
  • International

Also included are commission structures and incentives paid to staff in our industry Standard overseas packages along with other general work related issues, like overtime pay and holidays.

As a bonus, we have also asked the questions ‘what influences your decision to accept one role over another’? Therefore, contained within the survey is a whole section which shows what factors influence today’s staff within their own working environment and also when looking for a new role.

If you wish to order a copy of the salary survey please email us at