How we do it – Spa

So we can find you that dream job – we are going to need your CV, so here are some guidelines to help you prepare

• List your personal details to include – date of birth, nationality, marital status, current location and availability

• Complete a full profile of your key skills and attributes that you wish to bring to the role

• Ensure you attached a professional head or full body shot ideally in smart interview clothes or uniform if applying for an Instructor or Therapist role

• List all education, most recent first, and include the dates you studied.

• List any vocational courses you have taken over your college or university courses, this should include any professional products you are trained in or have worked with

• List your employment history with month and year, most recent first, including duties and responsibilities within each position held

• Lastly add hobbies and interests

To view a sample CV’s please click on the relevant link below

Sample CV for a Spa Manager
Sample CV for a Therapist
Sample CV for Sales
Sample CV for Training

Once we have your CV we will add your details to our database of job seekers, this means you will get email from us a job roles come into the agency to fit your experience/qualification and job role sort. So please notify us if
1. You change your email address
2. Wish to be removed from our mailing list
3. Change the type of role you are seeking
4. Change the location in which you are seeking a new role