General Employment info

The prospect of moving for work, either within the country you reside or further a field, can prove an extremely daunting one which will require a huge amount of consideration before you commit fully.

The key to any successful relocation is research, into both the organisation you’re moving for and into the region you’ve settled on:

Key things to consider are:

  1. Most working visas are only available to applicants over the age of 21
  2. Employment contacts are 1 to 2 years in length and will sometimes carry financial penalties if you break a contract
  3. If a role comes with a full expatriate package this will mean the following things are paid for by the employer:
    • Accommodation (single or shared)
    • flights at start and end of contract to home country
    • Transport to and from work – If needed
    • Visa and recruitment costs
    • Medical cover (dental and optical often excluded)
    • Meals on duty and laundry
  4. On some job roles accommodation allowance is given for you to find your own apartment, this will be in locations where companies do not keep employee housing. You will however be helped in the search for an apartment and put into a hotel till this is found
  5. Expatriate packages are not given on all International roles and this will be something to consider when applying
  6. Work visas are often single status, therefore only you can enter that country and work. Applicants looking to move overseas with spouse/children, should consider that family visas are less common and often only given in senior management/executive level vacancies
  7. (for information on visas, please go to our visa section)

  8. The majority of International interviews are via telephone only, you will probably not see the site where you will be working or your direct report manager till you arrive in the country – see our page on interview techniques in the Career advise section
  9. Salaries are often free from taxes, please do research the cost of living in each location you are considering as it will vary considerably from your own home country and will often be much cheaper for food/entertainment etc.
  10. You will be working with a multi cultural workforce, so expect to meet people from many different nationalities/cultures and religions, so tolerance and acceptance of other peoples values will be expected
  11. Take any offshore role seriously and consider all plus and minus points. The job role you will be doing will be the same as in your current role and often longer hours and more challenges. Working Internationally is not an escape from problems at home but will be both financially and career rewarding as well as giving you a fantastic opportunity to travel the world
  12. There are many different websites to be found with information on living in all countries around the world both expat forums and government information sites, it is highly advisable to visit these and do good research on any country you are thinking of visiting