International Work Visas

  1. For the UK and Europe, work visas are not issued to non EU passport holders and no sponsorship work visas are being offered to non EU candidates by employers within the spa, beauty and leisure industries – if you wish to look further into the rules governing this please visit:, for full details on this.
  2. For countries outside of the EU (except USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) Work visas are obtained by the sponsoring employer. They will require an up to date passport with at least 2 years before expiration. Often you will also be asked for a police clearance letter and 2 references from previous employers. These visa’s are open to all nationalities who have the right educational background and employment experience
  3. Medical reports on your health will sometimes also be needed to obtain a work visa, this will vary and will be governed by the requirements of individual countries and employers
  4. USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia have very strict immigration rules and work visa requirements, The following website may help you gain more information:
  5. Visas for employment are often single status – this means the visa is in your name only and only you can enter the country to take up employment. If you are married and/or with children looking for an International role you will need to find an employer who is willing to offer a family status visa; family status visas are more common in management vacancies and higher end executive roles, due to the costs involved.
  6. Transferring your work visa to a new employer? This is not usually possible till you have completed your contract length, but will vary country to country and employer