Job: Hairdresser


  • Job Outline:

    Two Senior Female Hair Stylists


    We need two Female Senior Hair Stylists, one for Colouring and one for Cutting.  The ladies will join a small but passionate team.  The salary, benefits and allowances are:


    Basic Salary:  BD 800-1000 (USD 2127 – USD 2659.36)

    Housing Allowance:  BD150 (USD 399) or Single Room in Company Accommodation)

    Transport/Meals/Telephone Allowances:  BD127 (USD 338)


    Total Salary (BD1000) plus allowances:   BD 1227 (if BD1000 base salary) = USD 3263

    Commission:  This starts at 10% of sales revenue after targets are met (we cannot divulge these targets).

    Working Week:  6 Days

    Holidays:               30 calendar days

    Annual Ticket to Home Base

    Private Medical Coverage

    Company Life Insurance


    We are looking for stylists who have regional experience, if possible, with international qualifications and at least 2-5 years experience in a similar environment.


    We need stylists who are passionate about style and the confidence to offer innovative cuts/colours to our guests.


    We would like to see a portfolio of their work.




  • Job Reference: Dess/02
  • Industry Sector: Hair
  • Application Instructions:

    To apply for this job please attach CV and send to