Coming to the UK

Here at Active Connection we will work closely with you once you are in the UK in order to try to find you Permanent or Temporary work.
However, you must abide by all legal and social standards. Therefore we are only able to place people once we have registered them (which will involve a face to face interview) and confirmed the right work status. You should be aware that you will need to ensure that you have arranged:

We are unable to give you advice with regards to EU visas; however we suggest you visit the following website:

Please note: Employers in the UK do not offer sponsorship for work visas for non EU applicants

National Insurance number
When you work in the UK, you must pay tax and national Insurance. Therefore you will need to contact HM Revenue and Customs.

  • You will need to complete form P86 – The form is used by HMRC to help them decide on your residence and treatment for income tax and to give you the correct income tax allowances. After completion, the form should be sent to your local tax office.
  • To get a NI number – You need to book an appointment at the “Job Centre” office, where you will have a short interview and complete the required forms. You should receive confirmation of your N.I number within four weeks.

UK Bank account
We would suggest that you visit a local bank to where you will be living to open an account as soon as your arrive

To open an account in the UK you should take your passport, your last three bank statements from your current account (from your home country) and a letter from your landlord stating your address. Opening an account in the UK is free, but it is likely to be more time consuming, so ensure you have all the relevant documents needed

Personal information
You will need to ensure you have:

  • References from previous employers
  • Copes of all your relevant vocational certificates
  • Up to date health check and any vaccinations
  • Accommodation
  • Money saved in advance to cover you while you search for a job role as this can often take 1 – 2 months