Frequently asked questions

Q: How often will I get paid?
A: You are paid monthly on the last day of each month. Your timesheets (where applicable) and invoice need to be with us either or the time give to you by your temp controller for a particular assignment or at least 3 days before the last day of each month

Q: Who do I send my Invoice/Timesheet to?
A: You send these in the following ways

  • Post it to our office – 5 Roehampton Gate, London SW155JR
  • Scan and fax it across to 0207 183 5934 – Remember if you are scanning check it is not set too high or too dark
  • Scan and email it across to your temp controller, their email address will be at the bottom of any emails they send to you

Q: I do not know how to do complete an Invoice?
A: Go to our Temp Tool kit page all sample Invoices and Timesheets are there for you to download

Q: What should I do if I do not feel well?
A: Call us immediately and let us know. If it is out of office hours or weekends, then please call direct to the spa or salon you are working at

Q: What do I need to wear?
A: Your temp controller will tell you before each assignment if the salon or spa where you are working will provide you with a uniform to conform with the brand of spa. If no uniforms are given then they will advise on what suitable clothes to wear and footwear.

Q: What if I change my mind about working a shift?
A: If you accept and confirm a shit then we expect you to attend unless sick. If you really have to cancel you must give us plenty of notice so that we can replace you. Your failure to work will cost the employer money and will result in us not offering you further work

Q: What if I am running late?
A: Please ensure you have the phone number of the salon or spa where you are working in your mobile phone so that you can contact them direct if you are running late for a shift