Why do temp work

Beauty and massage therapists are discovering a ‘new way’ of working, one that fits in with modern day, busy lifestyles and can either be a full commitment and job style choice or something to fill a gap while looking for other permanent work.

So why temp?

  • Flexibility – You are fully in control of where you work and the hours you do meaning you can fit work around your home life and commitments rather than the other way around.
  • Supplements income – A great way of supplementing your main income. Useful if you’re planning a wedding or when holidays are looming
  • Variety – temping allows you to experience what it’s like to work in different types of businesses with distinct working practices and varying products. It offers a great way of discovering what work environment you’re best suited
  • Offers of permanent work – If you’re out of work and looking for permanent opportunities consider temping whilst you look. Temp workers are very often approached by the people they work for to take permanent roles when these come along 
  • Regular pay – pay is by the hour unlike some full time salaried therapists and is paid weekly or monthly depending on the client.
  • New Skills – Take full advantage of any training on offer via your assignment as it will afford you valuable new skills to put on your CV. If you’re a newly qualified therapist then the additional experience will also go in your favour.
  • Regular work – Contrary to popular opinion temping can throw up offers of regular work. Some assignments can run over several months

If you would like to give temp work and join our growing list of Active Connection temp staff, then give us a call today on 0208 878 3180 so we can go into the ‘in’s and out’s of temp work with you or of course send us your CV to jobs@activeconnection.co.uk or to Michelle Ryan who runs the temp desk on mryan@activeconnection.co.uk